5 exciting career paths for aspiring animation designers 

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With animation, your dream world becomes a reality! With a blend of technology and creativity, you can shape brand images and their stories to life. If you are creative and adept at storytelling with an excellent narrative flow, you can take up an Animation and Design course.  

By choosing B.Des Animation and VFX Design at MIT-WPU, you get to learn about digital literacy, visual narrative structure, user-centric animation and so on. What else do you need to stand out in your career? Read it here.  


Skills required for animation designers 

  • Artistic talent: Strong drawing, sketching, and design skills pave the way for character and spatial design creations. 
  • Storytelling: Understanding and bringing a narrative flow, pacing and excellent visual communication for perfecting real-life-like animations on screen.  
  • Software expertise: Showing proficiency and updated knowledge of tools like Maya, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, and many more.  
  • Technical knowledge: Understanding the basics of 3D modelling and texturing, with additional knowledge of various tools that function to create eye-catching visuals, is essential.  
  • Collaboration and communication: Possessing the ability to communicate and collaborate with various teams on design execution.  
  • Problem-solving and adaptability: Being in a creative team takes lots of determination and imagination to crack a design route, create the same yet different creatives for several clients, be adaptive to constructive criticism, and embrace feedback.  
  • Time management and organisational skills: Working at creative agencies means many immediate deadlines in a fast-paced environment. So, you must be ready to prioritise tasks and have workflow charts to work efficiently.  
  • Attention to detail: As a designer, you will be expected to look at everything minutely, enhancing the overall creative outlook. 
  • Passion for learning: A career in design means learning new technology, design aspects, industry trends, etc. You must think of new creative ways to engage the audience.   

If you understand 3D and 4D animation styles with some basic programming and sound technology, you will be much ahead in your career!  

Best careers for animation designers 

Character animator: Craft a character’s movements, expressions, personalities and more using your artistic vision and with the help of software tools.  

Game artist: It’s your hands making a game immersive through 3D modelling, lighting, great user and gamer experience, and more. Unless the game looks inviting, with good graphics, gamers will get bored visually and aesthetically.   

Graphic designer: Being a graphic designer takes work, as it needs to have impactful branding, visually appealing infographics, gently yet brightly coloured advertisements and so on. To become the best graphic designer, you must master typography, layout, user experience, creativity and strategic thinking.   

VFX artist: As a VFX artist, you can work on visual effects for films, series, commercials, animation projects and more with your creativity and technology.  

Web designer: Designing and developing engaging websites and mobile apps, blending animation skills with UI/UX principles. This path requires understanding user behaviour and creating intuitive interfaces while keeping the audience’s taste in mind.  

Since all these demand creativity, imagination and intuition to choose the right design, keep practising and create a portfolio, as it will be a great way to learn too!  


What course should I take if I like animation? 

You can take up B.Des Animation and VFX and B.Des Graphic Design at top institutes in India, where you can do campus placements at creative agencies and studios right after graduating.  

Is animation a profitable career? 

Almost all brands and businesses adopt digital marketing strategies and have an online presence on social media. Hence, animation is a lucrative career in India at present.  

What career advancement opportunities do animators have? 

You can head studio operations, become a lead designer, or become a freelance designer, where you can work for different brands across various sectors.